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Welcome to the Glass Bubble Project
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Welcome to the Glass Bubble!

         A Glass Collector's Paradise!

               The Home of Cleveland Glass!




                  Our Philosophy      


"We believe art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, and those who see beauty and art in all things; are the highest beholders period."
                  Who we are*
The Glass Bubble Project was founded in 1998 by Michael Kaplan and Chris. Built by their own hard work and funding. Today GBP is a working Studio and Classroom for artist and students who need a creative atmosphere, to create Glass Bubble Collectibles. A Space
whereby student learn the craft, while working together
in this communal Studio with other students and local artist.

Our Products

Our newest line of hand blown flowers created by Cleveland's most recognized Glass Blower!



The Mike Kaplan collection

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Glass Bubble Mall

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You can e-mail us at:

Glass Bubble Project * 2421 Bridge Ave * Cleveland * Ohio * 44113